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Grisel has helped a large range of clients to identify problems, opportunities and areas of improvements. Her solutions are focused on delivering client’s objectives from an operational and business process perspective. Her consultancy service solutions are characterised by:

  • Having a customer centric approach
  • Being aligned with corporate strategies
  • Being practical in terms of operations
  • Having successful stakeholders uptake
  • Using technology as an enabler to facilitate improvements

Her approach to process consultancy consists of:

Working together with all relevant stakeholders, from those involved in process operations, to those who are responsible for driving change; to explore current practices and deliver improved processes that are fit for purpose and create positive organisational change.

Group session

Understanding operations

Conduct an initial group workshop session to understand the current process/processes, identify key issues, and noting any ideas leading to solutions. The key deliverable of this phase, is a detailed current state process/processes diagram and documentation, that highlights and explains the key issues and drafts some initial ideas for change.

Group session

Presenting findings

Conduct a presentation of the current operations and findings, followed by a feedback session and a group discussion to identify the strategic objectives and guiding principles for the change. The first key deliverable of this phase is an updated document that includes the feedback received and evolves in ideas for change. The second key deliverable, is a presentation for conducting the next workshop.

Group session

Exploring opportunities

Conduct a workshop to tackle the key issues affecting operations; and discuss feasible solutions to improve processes while noting the requirements for change. This session provides the foundation for a successful implementation phase, and helps deliver better and well thought solutions that are understood and agreed by all participants.

Group session

Delivering improvements

A final document is delivered at the end of the consultancy process, compiling the entire process/processes review project, from the initial description of the operations and findings, to all the agreed solutions and improvements. This final document provides a clear path to be followed for the solutions’ implementation, noting each of the improvement requirements and stakeholders committed to its delivery.

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